Coronavirus: A Message to Tai Teg Applicants

Tai Teg appreciate that this is a difficult time and would like to offer reassurance of our commitment to continue the service, following the latest advice from Public Health Wales. Given the rising number of cases of Coronavirus in the country, we are placing measures to safeguard the wellbeing of all our staff. We have outlined below the actions that we will take:-

What we are doing to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus:

  • We are closing all our offices to the general public;
  • We are cancelling all event/open days;
  • Cancelling all non-essential appointments;
  • Asking the majority of our teams to work from home and making sure all our colleagues who have the symptoms self-isolate immediately.

How this might impact you

As we are facing a reduced workforce over the coming weeks this may mean that:

  1. It may take longer for us to answer calls;
  2. It may take longer to reply to emails;
  3. It may take longer for us to assess applications that are pending;
  4. It may take longer for us to assess applications for properties;

How you can help us

  • Only contact us if your enquiry is a matter of urgency;

Most importantly, we ask that you look out for your friends, family and neighbours through this difficult time.

Posted: 19.03.20


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