Information about the available schemes

Intermediate Rent Scheme

  • an intermediate rental option for people who are not in a position to buy a home for various reasons, such as, insufficient deposit or a poor credit history
  • the scheme is aimed at people in employment and not totally dependent on benefits
  • rent is based on a Local Housing Allowance or 80% of the open market rents
  • applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and register with Tai Teg
  • a month's rent and a month’s deposit will usually be required
  • applicants who apply for the intermediate rental properties will also be asked to complete a referencing procedure by the landlord. This is to ensure that they are financially stable enough to maintain a tenancy at the specified rent level and that they are suitable tenants
  • Applicant should have no more than £16,000 savings, please contact us if you require further information
  • Households must be able to afford the housing costs (‘rent’ inclusive of any service charges) and these should equate to no more than approximately 30% of gross income. (Gross income including working tax and child tax credit) e.e. £25,000 x 30% = £7,500 / 12 (months) £625pcm - therefore the affordable rent would be in the region of £625pcm


  • Homebuy is a scheme supported by the Welsh Government and available to help you to buy property on the open market
  • when your circumstances allows you, you can pay your % loan back to Grŵp Cynefin
  • you will be required to fund up to 70% of the property price, with a mortgage, or a combination of mortgage and savings
  • minimum deposit of 5% (Subject to the requirements of the mortgage lender)
  • Grŵp Cynefin will lend the remaining 30% for you. In certain circumstances, the loan can be increased to 50%
  • the loan will be secured against the property, rent or interest will not be payable on the loan
  • for further information please click here or on the information sheet below.

Shared Equity

  • shared equity is usually offered on properties purchased directly from a developer, housing association / local authority or second-hand properties purchased in the past
  • the candidate will be required to comply with the eligibility criteria of the Section106. (Legal Document with a S106 Condition from the Council). e.g. local connection
  • the equity loan can vary and you would be required to fund the remaining % with a mortgage or a combination of mortgage and savings
  • the equity loan will be secured against your property, no rent or interest is payable on the loan
  • will require a minimum deposit of 5%. (Subject to the requirements of the mortgage lender)
  • in certain circumstances we will not be able to repay the loan
  • in certain circumstances you will not be able to repay the % equity and will therefore not be able to staircase to 100 ownership.
  • there is an assessment fee of £75.00

Discounted S106 Properties.

  • scheme where a developer builds houses and sells them on at a discounted price that is lower than the open market
  • the% discount will be agreed during the planning process
  • the candidate will be required to comply with the eligibility criteria set out in the Section 106. e.g. local connection
  • you will need a deposit of 20% (subject to requirement of the mortgage lender)
  • there is an assessment fee of £75.00

Shared Ownership

  • you can buy a portion of the home and pay rent on the other share
  • you can buy an initial share that will match between 25% and 75% of the value of the property you have chosen
  • you must get a repayment mortgage for the equity share % that you are buying
  • you can increase your share in the property at any time
  • You will be responsible for maintaining the property even if you pay a % of rent
  • for further information please click here

Rent to Own

  • you will be able to buy the home you rent and you can save a lump sum to contribute to a mortgage deposit while you rent the home
  • you will rent the home in the first place, and you can get 25% of the rent you paid over the tenancy period, and 50% of the increase in the value of the property (if there is an increase) during the period you rent the property - to be used as a deposit to contribute to the purchase of the property
  • For this particular scheme we only calculate Gross household income, we do not take in to account any working tax or child tax credit
  • your agreement for the Rent to Ownership scheme Wales will last for five years. You can apply to buy your home at any time between the end of the second year and the end of the agreement
  • for further information please click here
  • Please note: we consider your credit history as part of the application for a rent to own property and we may ask for evidence of your credit rating
  • This schemes is for individuals who do not have a minimum 5% deposit but are able to access a mortgage

Self-Build Plots S106

  • plot of land made available by the Council or landowner to build affordable properties
  • if you are building the property you must reach the eligibility criteria, and will be responsible for all costs of designing and building the home
  • where necessary, it is possible that the Council can provide a 'bridging loan' until a home has been built to an acceptable standard so it can be mortgaged. (Please contact the relevant Council for more information - please note that not all Council service provides a bridging loan)
  • there is an assessment fee of £75.00

Registration is FREE, but there is an assessment fee of £75.00 * for some schemes. You will be advised of this during the process.

Need help?

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