Frequently Asked Questions - Rental

Q. What is Intermediate Rent Scheme?

A. Properties where rent is set at Housing Allowance level or % of the open market rental price.

Q. How much savings can I have to be eligible to be on the register?

A. This is dependent on the scheme you considering or/and the purchase area. We consider the maximum purchase price by assessing each individually. Follow Welsh Government Acceptable Cost Guidance figures - 5% max purchase price, and 3.5 income / Joint income.

Q. Do I get priority if I am a Social Tenant?

A. The noted criteria must be adhered to, but with some schemes a social tenant is given priority in order to release social property.

Q. How do you draw up the waiting list?

A. Once registered and when you declare an interest for a property the shortlist will be created in approval date order, local connection and family size will be considered.

Q. What additional document do I need to submit to be considered for a property?

A. Once you have declared an interest and a shortlist has been created in registration date order, we will then invite the individuals e.g. top three to provide the documents noted in the `supporting Documents Part 2 below'. It is important that you submit the documents within the timescale noted. Failure to supply the documents will results in you being placed back on the register and not being considered for the property.

Q. Partner / Spouse on application

A. If you have a partner / spouse you must complete them as a “joint applicant”, and not under “Family Details”

Need help?

If you need help filling out any part of your application then please feel free to contact us on any of the details below:

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Or alternatively, you can visit our help pages to find out more.

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