The Tai Teg process

Register with Tai Teg.

  • Please read the eligibility criteria section to make sure that you meet the criteria. If you meet the criteria then process to create the on-line account.
  • complete all the sections in the registration form – please note all sections must be completed otherwise we will be unable to process your application and you will be placed back on `not yet submitted’.
  • Once completed remember to press the submit button.
  • We have up to 5 working days to assess your application and make a decision to approve or decline.

Once you have been approved and placed on Tai Teg Register.

  • When you have been approved your status will change to ready to apply;
  • From now on you can apply for properties (depending on what you have been approved for i.e to rent /but or both.
  • You should also receive emails every Thursday with information on properties available in the County;

Applying for a property

  • Once you applied for a property your application will be include on a declaration of interest list;
  • Please note we will not create a shortlist for the property until the closing date has been;
  • Once the closing date of the property has been we will create a shortlist taking your registration date/affordability/family size and local connection into consideration. Please note we usually a shortlist would be completed within 1 -2 days of the property closing days, depending on workload.
  • Depending on the number of properties available for the specific advert i.e 4 x 2 bed properties, we may have to re-open the application if we don’t have sufficient applications.
  • Once the shortlist is in place then we will invite you to submit your documents 3 months before the property is ready to allow us to complete a financial assessment.

Uploading Documents

  • You will be given a deadline to upload your documents. If you are unable to make this deadline for a specific reason, then please contact the team.
  • If documents have not been uploaded by the deadline you will be placed back on ready to apply.
  • We require all the documents listed below. We will be unable to proceed with your application if all the documents have not been submitted.
  • Please name the documents before uploading as this makes it easier for us to identify i.e Bank statement March 2020 / Payslips April 2020
  • If you have more than once bank account then please upload 3 months statements for all of the accounts.
  • If you have any loans/credit cards and/or store cards you must provide the documentation.
  • When uploading statements, we ask, when possible, that you firstly download them via your online banking account and then upload that file to your Tai Teg account.

Main Applicant & Joint Applicant

  • 3 months of full recent bank statement (all account that you may have)
  • 3 months recent payslips
  • Proof of any other income (Tax credit or entitlement letter of private pension)
  • Proof of savings (ISA, Bonds & Shares)
  • Proof of I.D. (Passport/Birth Certificate/Driving Licence Card)
  • Proof of residency (Utility bills/bank statements/electoral roll)
  • P60
  • Bank Loans (If applicable)
  • Credit cards(If applicable)
  • Store Cards (If applicable)
  • Confirmation of decision in principle
  • Child care charges (If applicable)

If self-employed:-

  • Certificate SA302 for the last 3 years

Assessing your application

  • Once all of your documents have been submitted your application will be allocated to a member of staff.
  • The member of staff will then complete the financial assessment based on the evidence you provide;
  • This should take between 1-2 days providing you have submitted all the information as requested.
  • We may need to contact you during this process to clarify some issue or ask for further information.
  • Ensuring your documents are referenced and in order does make it easier for the officer to assess.

Application Approved for a property

  • Once the officer has assessed your application it will be sent to the Manager to be verified.
  • If the Manager agrees with the assessment, then it will be forward to the landlord for consideration.
  • Only when the landlord approves your application that you will then be offered the property.
  • Once the landlord accepts the application for the property, we will close your account on Tai Teg and delete all documents.
  • Your main point of contact from now on will be your landlord.

Application declined for a property

  • Following the financial assessment and if you do not have sufficient disposable income at the end of the month then your application may be declined for this specific property by Tai Teg.
  • We will discuss this with you and we will review our decision if you have further information or evidence to support your application;
  • If your application is sent to the landlord and they decline, e.g following reference from landlord/credit checks then they will also make contact with you to discuss the reason and they will inform Tai Teg of their decision.
  • Your application will be placed back on ready to apply as another suitable/affordable property may come available.
  • All documents uploaded will be deleted from your account.

Need help?

If you need help filling out any part of your application then please feel free to contact us on any of the details below:

Phone: 03456 015 605

Or alternatively, you can visit our help pages to find out more.

Register with Tai Teg

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