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Are you considering or have started to complete an application to register on Tai Teg?

Some valuable points for you to consider when submitting an application:-

• You must ensure that you complete the correct information in the relevant boxes;

• You need your full address including the postcode;

• Your previous addresses must be included-for a period of 5 years;

• Please note information about the children who will be living with you at the property;

• Gross Income is before any deductions are taken out of your pay;

• Net income is income after the deductions from your salary i.e. pension;

• If you have equity then please note this clearly on the application form;

• Please note any savings that you may have;

• Choice of area – you must have contact with county/area-Please specify what the connection is;

• If an application follows a relationship breakdown then please state this clearly and what your current position is;

• When completing section 1 to 8 each page must be saved and tick the box and remember to press SUBMIT an application.

Please note:- From March 2020 if applications are not submitted and/or have not been completed then they will be deleted from the system.

Posted: 04.03.20


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