Tai Teg

Linking People with Home Ownership Opportunities

Role of the Planning Authority


The commitment by Councils to provide homes to local people is stated in both National and Local Planning Policies. There is normally a requirement in Planning permissions for a number of homes to be provided for sale at below market value. This requirement is secured in Section 106 Agreements where priority is given to local people who are unable to afford to buy a home at current market values.

Section 106 Agreements

Banks and Building Societies, have been known to be unwilling to provide mortgages on properties subject to Section 106 Agreements because they considered the terms to be too restrictive. Planning Departments have responded to this consideration by revising the Agreement to minimise the restrictions which make them acceptable to some mortgage providers. Accordingly, previous purchasers with the ‘older’ type Agreement are able to adopt the ‘newer’ type Agreement to overcome this difficulty should they wish to sell.

Using Tai Teg

The Tai Teg Register will also be used to identify housing need in specific areas, which then allows us to plan and develop housing stock with Developers in the Counties of Anglesey and Gwynedd. It will also be used to identify people for the new homes provided under Section 106 Planning requirements and also existing homes that are being re sold because the owners needs to move.

Working with Developers

In order to get affordable homes built it is essential to work with Developers to agree how many homes can be provided and the sales value. Clearly in the current economic environment making new developments viable is essential. Developers are therefore encouraged to discuss their proposals as early as possible so that these issues can be agreed before the Planning Application is submitted.

To assist this process Anglesey has produced a Guide for Developers and a copy of this is provided in the ‘Downloads’ section.