Tai Teg

Linking People with Home Ownership Opportunities

Why Register?

Tai Teg Register

Tai Teg is a register of people interested in home ownership who cannot currently afford to buy on the open market. In addition, the information on the regsiter supports us to identfy housing need in specific areas, which then allows us to plan and develop housing stock in Angelsey and Gwynedd.

How Do I Register?

If you have read the `Am I Eligible’ tab and have answered yes to the question noted then procced with your registration.

You can register your interest by completing the online registration form available on this website or the form can be downloaded from the ‘Contact’ tab under ‘Downloads’.

Alternatively please contact the Scheme Administrator by e-mailing info@taiteg.org.uk or by telephoning 08456 015605 and a registration form will be posted to you.

Please Note: that date order is used when identifying people for available properties so please register without delay.

The Next Stage

  • Your details will be placed on the register which is a confidential database that can only be accessed by approved staff.
  • People on the register will be informed of any schemes available in the area of their choice.
  • When a property has been identified, a more detailed financial assessment will be undertaken. The assessment is to ensure that you meet the qualifying criteria and that the property is affordable to you.
  • You will be asked to provide details of your current financial information and if you have received confirmation of a mortgage offer from a Bank or Building Society.

Details required at assessment stage are as follows:-

  • Completed Income and Expenditure form – please consider the costs involved with owning your own home. This will give you a clear indication of whether you can afford to purchase a property.
  • Proof of earnings (if paid monthly copies of last 3 payslips, if paid weekly copies of last 10 payslips) for yourself and your partner (if applicable).
  • If on a Zero Hours contract, please provide details of income earned over the last 12 calendar month.
  • Copy of your P60 dated April 2015
  • If self employed, certified self employed accounts or Inland Revenue tax assessment on Certificate SA302 is required for the last 3 years.
  • Copies of bank statement for last 3 months for every account that you and your partner (if applicable) have.
  • Proof of any other income, e.g. Working Tax Credit, please provide full entitlement letter.
  • Proof of savings e.g. Tessa, ISA, Bonds, shares etc.
  • Confirmation (Decision in principle) from a bank / building society of the maximum mortgage available to you and your partner (if applicable) and a copy of a quotation from the mortgage provider detailing the monthly repayments.
  • (Decision in principle)
  • Copy of any loan, finance/hire purchase agreements that you and your partner (if applicable) are currently repaying.
  • Latest credit/store card or catalogue statement.
  • If paying childcare charges – please provide evidence.
  • Details of how you will pay the fees involved with buying a house. If family or friends are going to assist you with these costs, please can they provide a letter to confirm this.
  • Proof of deposit.
  • Proof of ID – Birth certificate, Passport

Managing the Registration

  • By using a secure username and password, applicants can edit their details or remove their registration if they so wish.
  • Applicants will be contacted annually to check whether they wish to remain on the register. If you do not reply to the email your registration will be deleted.

What Are the Responsibilities of Home Ownership?

  • All the costs relating to buying the house , e.g. legal charges, removal costs, stamp duty, vaulation fees etc.
  • Paying the mortgage and the bills e.g. Council Tax, heating and insurance.
  • Repairing and maintaining the home.
  • It is important to remember that your home is at risk if the mortgage secured on it are not paid as required.

What Happens if I Want to Sell the Property?

  • You will need to contact Tai Teg and we will advertise the property on the Tai Teg site.
  • This will allow others who have regsitered on the Tai Teg site an opportunity to purchase an affordable home.
  • We will require information on whether the property was bought through the Home Buy, Shared Equity or discounted scheme
  • When the home is sold you will receive the equivalent equity percentage of the market value at the time of sale.
  • If you bought a low cost home on a private development, the Section106 will state the process to be followed, but you must inform Tai Teg that you are intending to sell.
  • You will be responsible for any fees or costs associated with selling your house.